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Wipeout Fury DLC is massive

…for a Wipeout dork like myself, at any rate. This update actually contains more content than the original game did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a downloadable content pack contain 110% of original size, that’s just unheard-of.

Obligatory techno:


  • 8 new tracks (presumably reversible)
  • 13 new ships
  • the old favourite Eliminator mode returns

There are also two new modes we’ve never seen, called Zone Battle and Detonator:

Zone Battle is about risk and reward! Acceleration is automatic as you swoop over zone pads to fill your zone bar. Your choice is whether to use the bar to increase your speed and boost your ship ever closer to the target zone or absorb it to replenish vital lost energy. Warning, avoid the ‘zone barriers’, obstacles left on the track by your opponents as they boost towards the target zone, hitting these can literally destroy your hopes of victory!

Our Detonator mode introduces a brand new ship model to the game that will test both your piloting skills and your shooting accuracy as you accelerate through as many as 14 stages. Score points by destroying the mines that have been strewn along the track and take out the bomb on each stage to earn additional points. The more accurate you are the more points and bonuses you will score!


Also, I thought this was funny. Marketing drones are so cute:

Just like the original WipEout HD, all the new content will be released in glorious 1080p resolution and will run at a smooth 60fps.

Awesome! I’m glad you didn’t decide to down-rez my game! Thanks Sony! ;)

Anyways, I can’t be too snarky when one of my favourite games gets a huge DLC boost like this. I had sort of wondered what the fate of Wipeout HD would be, seeing as it was a sort of experiment to begin with, and distributed in such a nontypical way – i.e. as a $20 download-only game, from a franchise that used to do ok as a retail game. This proves that Sony is willing to throw more money at it, which tells me it actually sold pretty well. At any rate, I’ll be first in line this summer when Fury hits.


4 responses to “Wipeout Fury DLC is massive”

  1. For me, it’s all about the tracks. I like Wipeout HD but I’m not a fan of the short PSP tracks. Hopefully, these are either new tracks, or they’re tracks from the PSOne titles.

  2. Some bad news, Nerf. It’s actually only four new tracks, that are reversible to make eight. And all four are retreads. I won’t pay more than $10 for this and I’m hoping that it’s less.

  3. i actually read on the wipeout zone forums that there are 8 new tracks 4 new tracks (with reverse) and other 4 with forward only
    Modesto Heights forward,
    Modesto Heights reverse,
    Tech De Ra forwards,
    Tech De Ra reverse,
    The Amphiseum forward,
    The Amphiseum reverse,
    Talon’s Juction forward,
    Talon’s Junction reverse.

    Corridon 12,
    Pro Tozo.

  4. Well, that would certainly change my opinion. And open up my wallet.

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