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Space Lesbians Coming To PC

This is interesting. Ever since Electronic Arts acquired our celebrated Canadian developer BioWare – with the attendant gnashing and wailing, of course – players have wondered if we’d see PC or PS3 versions of Mass Effect. There’s some confusion as to who actually has the say-so in this deal. Microsoft published Mass Effect, but of [...]

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Xbox Live Video Marketplace Coming To Canada

According to, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace is finally available in Canada (and some European countries) on December 11th. XBLVM launched a year ago in the U.S.
On the one hand, I really like the idea of downloading individual videos over the web. iTunes still hasn’t gotten their shit together up here so Microsoft is [...]


Gordon Hits TO

Nice Half-Life mod of Toronto; “City 7″.

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Neil Springer, I Name Thee: Fuckwit

Seems that Neil Springer from played a Haze demo and didn’t like it very much. No big deal – no one in their right mind goes to for anything other than a traffic report. But the particular way in which he criticized the demo is, to say the least, weak:
You control proud soldier [...]


The Baddest Names In Faming

They’ve got Halo 3! And Guitar Hero 3! and… Halo 3!
Dundas Square. Ugh. Link.


Canada Greedily Devours Games

Like a great slavering, ravenous beast comprised of syrup and softwood, Canada continues to consume gigantic amounts of pixelated entertainment at an ever-increasing pace. And this in the middle of the driest time of the year… here are the July NPD figures from NeoGaf:
Canadian VG industry sales continue their blistering sales pace. Sales for [...]

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Video Games Live in Calgary on Nov.9-10

If you are an inhabitant of that strange dimension known as Alberta, you are in for a treat: the Video Games Live concert series is making its second and last Canadian stop this year in Calgary, playing two nights (Nov.9th and 10th). Tickets are on sale now, and it typically sells out, so I wouldn’t [...]


Québec Wants French Videogames

Actually they want French-everything, but that’s hardly news:
The Quebec government is close to finalizing a deal with the Entertainment Software Association of Canada to have all games sold in Quebec translated into French, The Canadian Press has learned.
“The deal will be announced very shortly,” said Nathalie Gelinas, a spokeswoman for Culture and Communications Minister Christine [...]

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Canada Is Getting Raped On Downloadable Content

Hot on the heels of the larger-than-expected Xbox 360 Canadian price drop, and number three’s post regarding the pricing of Warhawk on the PlayStation network, I decided to see what the nearly-at-par Canadian-US exchange rate is doing in terms of the “points” the various online services use.
What I found is not amusing. Some words that [...]


Canadian Xbox 360 Price Drop

The 360 price drop is official and here is what that means for us Canadians:
Xbox 360 Elite = $499.99 CDN ($50 drop)
Xbox 360 Premium: $399.99 CDN ($100 drop)
Xbox 360 Core: $299.99 CDN ($100 drop)
Courtesy 1up.
So if you’ve been waiting for the price to come down before buying a 360, have at it. Halo 3 probably [...]

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