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Get him a cow…

So I’m watching the new JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost) show on Fox tonight.  It’s called Fringe and it’s a trippy mix of Lost and The X-Files. It’s an interesting show (so far) and I could see myself getting hooked, assuming that Abrams actually has an ending in mind this time. Alias and Lost are two [...]


The Idiocy of the Media (Or Why I Gave up Pursuing a Journalism Degree)

I’m a big fan of games that push the envelope without being restrained by the possible controversy. Trying new things, going places where others are afraid… I dig that stuff.
Unfortunately, games are the new rap, which was the new television, which was the new rock and roll. And with our hyped up 24-hour news cycle, [...]

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New PS Store In Action

The posted this a little while ago:

From Crackle: PlayStation Store video walkthrough

Looks very SingStar. Which is not in any way a bad thing.

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Lore Sjöberg on Link’s Weapons

I wish I had an impressive name like Lore Sjöberg. I’m quite certain I would have no trouble convincing the ladies that I was a moneyed investment banker from Geneva. He’s probably not really from Geneva, but that’s what I’d say. Geneva.

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I Strongly Suspect that Multiplayer GTA IV Will Be… What’s The Term? Oh Yes. Total Fucking Mayhem

You cannot tell me that you can look at these new screenshots from the multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto IV and not be filled with homicidal glee and furious fapping. Because that would make you either a liar, or a vegetable, and the last time I checked my webstats neither liars nor vegetables were [...]


Why So Serious?

These new PS3 ads are … really freaky. The detail is quite amazing, click ‘em.

(Link > PSU.)

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I’d Bid On This

… but I’m already full-up on Chimeran skulls.
If you’ve got $2500 hanging around, I can hardly think of a better way to spend it. Besides hookers and blackjack, I mean. That goes without saying.
In fact if you want my entire Maslow’s hierarchy, it goes like:

Chimeran skulls
robot slaves

… and that’s all usually before 10am.

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GTA IV Hypenami Starting To Build

Liberty City map “leaked“. (> Joystiq)
New trailer. (> Gametrailers)
And now – the RockStar Social Club (> Kotaku). Stat-tracking for all of their games, starting with GTA IV, across Live and PSN platforms. Registration opens April 15th. They’re having a race to see who can finish 100% of the game first for some bonus e-penis cred. [...]

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A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Do These

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MotorStorm 2 Facsimile Trailer

I loved MotorStorm. I still love it. In first-person view, with the tilt controls (fuck the haters! It’s the only way I play!), the game is one of the most visceral racing experiences you can find in videogames anywhere today.
MotorStorm was a (the?) launch title for PS3. Consequently, somebody’s PR – either Sony or [...]