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What Is The New Ninja Theory Project?

The Heavenly Sword developers have a new website as well as a bunch of (utterly gorgeous) concept art paintings scattered around the various web pages:

Hi-res versions available here.
This looks quite a bit different from HS. For one thing, there are mechanised/pseudo-futuristic buildings, with an almost steampunk quality to them. I would think that Heavenly Sword [...]

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PixelJunk Eden – What Is It? I Don’t Care, I Want It

The Games Developer Conference is well under way in gay old San Fran and the tidbits are starting to trickle out.
Q-Games has done some really interesting stuff in the DLC space lately. PixelJunk Monsters is a huge hit, coming as the only credible “tower defence” type game on consoles that I know of. The [...]

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Spore Gets Release Date

September 7th, 2008.
Um…. this looks kinda… goofy? I hope there’s a revolution in gameplay here, because I’m totally underwhelmed by the art style. Looks like a B-level PSP game in some of the shots. There’s movies on the site as well. Of course all the creatures are totally customizable, but still… hm. Really hard to [...]


Resistance 2 Screens

Great big direct screen-grabs of Insomniac’s fall shooter are available in this NeoGAF thread.
It looks like the Chimerans have been beefed up a bit with some Iron Man accoutrement. Nice to see the huge scale remains unchanged. The devs describe the game is “still being in a rough state visually” but you certainly wouldn’t know [...]

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Insomniac Pulls Back The Curtain On Resistance 2, Reaffirms Status As Insanely Kickass Developers

Game Informer has the scoop. Check out the particulars on that cover:
• 60-player battles
• 8-player Co-op play throughout the entire campaign
• Did I say campaign? Sorry - 2 campaigns
There are a few screenshots scanned from the magazine in this NeoGAF thread, which of course is in full thermonuclear meltdown at the news. Other tidbits: the [...]

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Impressions

I was running through the jungle.
The pirates were up ahead, screaming alarm positions as I approached. While they were still surprised, I popped off a few shots in their general direction while grabbing some cover behind a log, which was already splintering from the return fire. Just then, one of these assholes starts to try [...]


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Goes Live Tomorrow

Big one for PS3 owners. Will it be Tomb Raider with more guns and less boobs?

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Neil Springer, I Name Thee: Fuckwit

Seems that Neil Springer from played a Haze demo and didn’t like it very much. No big deal – no one in their right mind goes to for anything other than a traffic report. But the particular way in which he criticized the demo is, to say the least, weak:
You control proud soldier [...]


Rat Race: This Is Just Weird

The PlayStation blog has a post on a very odd new entry into the PS3 lineup…
Rat Race is a PS3-exclusive comedy/adventure game – yeah, another one of those! – that will be available as individual episodes on PSN beginning this winter. Rat Race has been written and voiced by some really funny people with credits [...]