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The Fanboy Fallout Will Be Epic

To say that Grand Theft Auto IV is the most anticipated game of the year for many people would be a bit of an understatement. My own personal hype levels are in overdrive at this point and it’d be about impossible for me to be rational about the game right now. Microsoft and Sony [...]


Criterion Devs Caught Taking Trucker Pills

That’s the only thing I can think of that explains the insane pace of Burnout Paradise updates planned this year. The full details are on the Criterion blog.
They’re not kidding when they call it “a year of Paradise”. I posted earlier on the first update, the not-yet-released Bogart patch, set to squish some [...]


New PS Store In Action

The posted this a little while ago:

From Crackle: PlayStation Store video walkthrough

Looks very SingStar. Which is not in any way a bad thing.

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Lore Sjöberg on Link’s Weapons

I wish I had an impressive name like Lore Sjöberg. I’m quite certain I would have no trouble convincing the ladies that I was a moneyed investment banker from Geneva. He’s probably not really from Geneva, but that’s what I’d say. Geneva.

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I See What They Did There - Assassin’s Solid

This was the best April 1 gag by far. I wonder who approached whom to make this happen.

It’s kind of funny. The joke, that is. But more to the point, the clip contains some mindfuckingly spectacular Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay that sort of overshadows the funny, in the end.
My thought process went something like: [...]


MotorStorm 2 Facsimile Trailer

I loved MotorStorm. I still love it. In first-person view, with the tilt controls (fuck the haters! It’s the only way I play!), the game is one of the most visceral racing experiences you can find in videogames anywhere today.
MotorStorm was a (the?) launch title for PS3. Consequently, somebody’s PR – either Sony or [...]



The Doom Rickroller:


New Wipeout HD Trailer

I pine for this game, wandering the desolate tundra, forlornly calling it’s name.
Come back to me Wipeout. We’ll forget all about that PS2 nonsense. I’m not angry. It’s behind us. Just come back.

(Hi-res Quicktime available here. It won’t look like it’s loading, but it is.)

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PixelJunk Eden – What Is It? I Don’t Care, I Want It

The Games Developer Conference is well under way in gay old San Fran and the tidbits are starting to trickle out.
Q-Games has done some really interesting stuff in the DLC space lately. PixelJunk Monsters is a huge hit, coming as the only credible “tower defence” type game on consoles that I know of. The [...]

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Dave Jaffe Is The God Of Retort

You may have seen this nice little pick-me-up at the outset of Wired’s interview with David Jaffe (of God of War and Twisted Metal fame):
Apparently when Miyamoto first went to Retro Studios, they were making a car combat game, he said, “Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?” [...]

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