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Splinter Cell finally captures my attention…

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Splinter Cell games. They often seem too focused on being able to do nothing but hide in the shadows while sneaking forward at a snail’s pace. The latest gameplay demonstration of Conviction (after what looks like a complete scrapping of the original project) may have strayed a [...]

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Some thoughts on the Projects Natal and Milo

I have now ingested Microsoft’s E3 press conference, or at least the section dealing with their fabulous new sorta-3D camera, temporarily called Natal. This has been long rumoured and now the day is here; Microsoft trotted out no less a personage than Spielberg himself to tell us that controllers are the actual problem (look away, [...]


Microsoft @ GDC 08

GDC is in full swing now, with Microsoft having given their keynote presentation yesterday afternoon. There’s some interesting stuff in there, although nothing too earth-shattering, and a few notable omissions were apparent as well. Here’s the Cliff Notes version:
After going over the general positive spin on Live and announcing that gamers had amassed 1 billion [...]

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Space Lesbians Coming To PC

This is interesting. Ever since Electronic Arts acquired our celebrated Canadian developer BioWare – with the attendant gnashing and wailing, of course – players have wondered if we’d see PC or PS3 versions of Mass Effect. There’s some confusion as to who actually has the say-so in this deal. Microsoft published Mass Effect, but of [...]

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The Greatest Videogame Ads Ever, Part the First


Japanese Ape Escape 2 (actually this whole series is full of win):


Wizards and Warriors

Pole Position:

Viva Pinata:

PlayStation – Golfers vs. Porn Stars: