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Prince of Persia is very, very pretty…

In fact, it may be the prettiest game I have ever played. This game is flat-out gorgeous. It’s lived up to every inch, every single centimeter of promise that was on display in the first screenshots that appeared on the internet.

This is so far beyond cel shading I don’t think the term can even apply. [...]


Prince of Persia: Prodigy Screens (oh wow)

I am a sucker for cell-shaded games. An idea who’s time was too long in arriving. Therefore, this makes me very, very happy:

Click for full glorious resolution. I love it, it’s all Moebius-like.


They Ship Things

Now here is something you practically never see these days – some big new-gen games that actually completed development on time.
It’s a momentous occasion.
I don’t know why humans are so bad, so perpetually bad at estimating the timeframes for these things. I’ve been in the middle of (much smaller) software projects that fell victim to [...]

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