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Home State: Dec.22

I’ve decided to begin a series of brief, encapsulated snapshots of the hilariously beta Sony Home project. So people have an idea of what to expect.

Rather than bang out a bunch of words, because who reads those, these reports will feature a picture of an everyday relatable object or activity that surmises the “fun potential” of Home, as accurately as possible.

Here is the state of Home as of Dec.22 (v1.05):

Home is a picnic table.

You can socialize, play some board games, and the scenery’s not bad. However the seating is very limited, there’s some bird shit, and the not-so-subconscious realization that your level of enjoyment is on par with that of a hobo.

Much like any visit to the park, the picnic table isn’t going to do much for you by yourself. You need friends. Being drunk really helps.

(Sony is lucky they patched the voice support back in this morning; I was going to go with a phone booth.)


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