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If you received an annoying “can’t find it” page in place of citizen game lately, that would be due to the folks at my hosting company using their servers for football practise. Or something. (It’s happened before.)
I’m actively looking for a new host, preferably in Canada, preferably Wordpress-happy so that I can upgrade the thing [...]

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GTA IV Patch Is Up For PS3

v1.01. It’s a tiny download. The game will prompt you when you launch it.
I’m glad they rolled this out so fast, some of my close friends have been bitten by the freezing bug associated with PSN. Guys who really like GTA IV. I felt their pain.


Criterion Devs Caught Taking Trucker Pills

That’s the only thing I can think of that explains the insane pace of Burnout Paradise updates planned this year. The full details are on the Criterion blog.
They’re not kidding when they call it “a year of Paradise”. I posted earlier on the first update, the not-yet-released Bogart patch, set to squish some [...]


MGO Initial Beta Test Results

… or so I hear.
I’m sure our man in the field will have more to say.
UPDATE - yep, Konami’s servers are now smoking craters and I’m sure there are a few sysadmins in EVASION mode, trying to keep their jobs. Sweet Zombie Jesus, what a mess:
Hi all! As many of you already know, the Metal [...]


Bogart your Burnout

I feel bad for Bogart. I mean, he was a famous actor and everything, and probably got laid a lot, but it’s gotta suck to have your namesake equated with the inappropriate consumption of communal marijuana. What did he do to deserve that?
Criterion is doing their part to help the guy out. The forthcoming patch [...]


Your Free Game Offered Because Of Network Problems Is Unavailable Due To Network Problems

Are you trying to download the newly-free Undertow from Xbox Live? Are you getting an error, status code 8015000a?
You are not alone.

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Twitching and Snarling

(I’m going to be trying these big compilation posts for awhile, see if it works better. If you’d rather I did the old format, by all means, hurl fruit in the comments section, kthx.)
Ah, but these minor delays do tend to pile up, don’t they. I looked upon that little calendar on the right [...]

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Xbox LIVE’s Mea Culpa Game: Undertow

Microsoft has announced their way of apologizing for nearly a month of flaky Xbox LIVE: a free copy of the aquatic Arcade shooter Undertow. Normally it goes for 800 MSFakeMoneyPoints, or about $10 USD.

This will be available to both vaunted Goldmembers, as well as the wretched Silverlings, beginning next week. If you are one of [...]

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Let us take a moment to acknowledge that annual micro-shock of realizing the perfectly futuristic sound of the year 2008 –
and the dependable string of thought that follows; inevitably you note that there tain’t much too futuristicimal about the actual year 2008 we’re living in. Except for two things:

the stuff Apple makes

The twitching death [...]


I’m Not Dead

… but rumours of my database’s demise are not greatly exaggerated…
…think I got it figured out now. Expect normal transmission schedule to resume this aft.
Also, if anyone knows of a way to somehow decapitate a lookup table header, bronze it, and nail it to my wall, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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