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Wipeout Fury DLC is massive

…for a Wipeout dork like myself, at any rate. This update actually contains more content than the original game did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a downloadable content pack contain 110% of original size, that’s just unheard-of.
Obligatory techno:


8 new tracks (presumably reversible)
13 new ships
the old favourite Eliminator mode returns

There are also two new modes [...]



These guys have really, really outdone themselves on this expansion back. Un-frickin-believable.

I mean, the paintball gun alone is huge for LBP creators. It’s exactly what I needed for the level I’m working on myself.
Also, I love Sack Raiden:

All details on the MGS “level pack” and suits for LittleBigPlanet are on the Sony blog. It’ll be [...]

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Download Haikus

Echochrome is cool.
English demo is out now.
Brain explodes, leaks out.
Call of Duty 4.
Map packs way late on Triple.
Not much more to say.
Ok, Army of Two.
Slam a Dew and run foot-race.
Montréal made this?
Burnout Paradise.
Massive fucking patch kills bugs.
Next up, bikes at night.
Iron Man is shit.
The movie looks sort of neat.
But the game is shit.
Sigh. Lost Odyssey.
Make [...]

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Criterion Devs Caught Taking Trucker Pills

That’s the only thing I can think of that explains the insane pace of Burnout Paradise updates planned this year. The full details are on the Criterion blog.
They’re not kidding when they call it “a year of Paradise”. I posted earlier on the first update, the not-yet-released Bogart patch, set to squish some [...]


Talk About Phoning It In

OH HAI, I am everything Nerfgun despises in alien design.
Almost as bad as this guy.
By the way your Mass Effect DLC is available on Live.


PixelJunk Eden – What Is It? I Don’t Care, I Want It

The Games Developer Conference is well under way in gay old San Fran and the tidbits are starting to trickle out.
Q-Games has done some really interesting stuff in the DLC space lately. PixelJunk Monsters is a huge hit, coming as the only credible “tower defence” type game on consoles that I know of. The [...]

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“Intended” Rock Band DLC List Discovered

By way of Kotaku we find that the industrious gnomes at ScoreHero have delved deep, too deeply into the guts of a DLC pack and unearthed what appears to be The Master List of Songs. Some of these are already out there, but the rest are placeholder slots for DLC that is yet-to-come. That’s right, [...]

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Your Free Game Offered Because Of Network Problems Is Unavailable Due To Network Problems

Are you trying to download the newly-free Undertow from Xbox Live? Are you getting an error, status code 8015000a?
You are not alone.

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Stop Paying Lars Ulrich

Rock Band downloadable content is off to a flying start. A really tremendous, tiger-crane / shaolin-style / cable-assisted flying start. Although they offer a shockingly high number of songs as both individual purchases and discounted bundles’o’three already, we haven’t even seen the promised full albums yet (Nirvana’s Nevermind plz.) Which brings us to my dire [...]


Warhawk Expansion Looks Spectacular

I did not expect this. I knew there was an expansion coming but… wow.
Behold the OMEGA DAWN. (Yeah. That’s what it’s called. Sounds like a fucking Simpsons joke.)
Despite the presence of the word DAWN in the title, all the new levels take place at night:

From the PR spooge, the expansion contains:

Omega Factory battlefield includes [...]