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PlayStation Network Gets Canadian Price Tweak

As per the PlayStation Blog, and mentioned by Peter Dillie earlier: PSN will see “adjustments” to Canadian pricing starting this Thursday, May 1, in order to bring them into parity with the strong dollar. I’m drinking a fifth of Canadian Club in celebration as we speak. Of course, I was drinking it before I read [...]


Centrifugal Press Release

Microsoft releases this, the day before NPD numbers:
Microsoft announced today that European sales for the Xbox 360 have more than doubled due to the recent adjustment of the retail price, “significantly broadening the console’s audience” it says.
So I’m guessing that means they got their asses kicked.
(link > StrategyInformer)

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Hot Sex on Shadow Moses

Do they have GameStops or EB’s in Canuckistan? Unfortunately, it seems that GameStop will be the only place to purchase the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 in North America.
What does $84.99 USD + tax (at least $10 of which must be pre-paid) get you?

Two making-of documentaries on a Blu-ray Disc
A soundtrack CD for [...]


I’d Bid On This

… but I’m already full-up on Chimeran skulls.
If you’ve got $2500 hanging around, I can hardly think of a better way to spend it. Besides hookers and blackjack, I mean. That goes without saying.
In fact if you want my entire Maslow’s hierarchy, it goes like:

Chimeran skulls
robot slaves

… and that’s all usually before 10am.

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Halogasm, Dual Shock the Third, UnStrangled Little Girls, etc.

Here’s just a whole bunch of stuff that I’m catching up on…
Amongst the still-glowing embers of confetti and flaming cat helmets resulting from the Halo 3 launch, a clutch of aftershocks emerges: the game runs at “640p”! That’s, like, 80p less! What devilry is this? Nothing, says Bungie, it is just you whiny bitches who [...]

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BioShock: Buying Content That You Already Own?

Intrepid textfile-wrangler Zemlor of the 2K forum (how’s that for a biz-card title) has discovered something interesting deep within the bowels of BioShock (PC version):
;Downloadable content announcement
;Downloadable content announcement
TopicType=Gene Tonics Unlocked!
FriendlyName=(Downloaded Content)
Entry=\nHaving concluded clinical trials on four new Genetic Improvements, Ryan Industries is proud to announce the general release of their newest [...]


The Horror, The Horror – Grateful Dead DLC for Rock Band

As reported by Joystiq by way of CNN Money (?!), upcoming supergroup simulator Rock Band will be featuring the interminable, gut-wrenching, soul-beshitting songs of… The Grateful Dead.
The monstrous presence of MTV’s moneybags reveals itself:
The iconic group is making 18 master recordings from its diverse catalog available as digitally distributed game levels following Rock Band’s [...]


Canada Greedily Devours Games

Like a great slavering, ravenous beast comprised of syrup and softwood, Canada continues to consume gigantic amounts of pixelated entertainment at an ever-increasing pace. And this in the middle of the driest time of the year… here are the July NPD figures from NeoGaf:
Canadian VG industry sales continue their blistering sales pace. Sales for [...]

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The Epic/Silicon Knights Slapfight Continues Unabated

Ah, I love the smell of litigation in the morning. Smells like… lawyers.
With a smattering of hookers. And… yes, just a slight hint, of coke. Mmmm.
GameDailyBIZ is dutifully running back and forth between the two camps collecting statements. The latest is that Epic is (fairly predictably) counter-suing Silicon Knights:
Following Mark Rein’s new statement and Epic [...]

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Canada Is Getting Raped On Downloadable Content

Hot on the heels of the larger-than-expected Xbox 360 Canadian price drop, and number three’s post regarding the pricing of Warhawk on the PlayStation network, I decided to see what the nearly-at-par Canadian-US exchange rate is doing in terms of the “points” the various online services use.
What I found is not amusing. Some words that [...]