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Damn Lies

From an ESA booklet given out at E3 (via ArsTechnica):

67% of American heads of households play computer or video games
The average game player age is: 33
In 2007, 24% of gamers were over the age of 50
38% of game players are female
The best-selling video game super-genre by units sold for 2006 was “Strategy,” with [...]

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So Where Is Nintendo Going With This Thing, Exactly?

I have mixed feelings about the Nintendo showing at E3. Mixed like a bad McDonald’s salad, with all the crappy dressing run to the bottom of the bowel. I’m just dejectedly poking my mental fork into this mess.
I can sum it up in forumspeak:


Now, I’m not a grandma or a soccer mom or [...]

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Sony’s Parade

After making myself watch the first two (mostly boring) conferences, I wasn’t really looking forward to watching the third… but the Sony Conference did turn out to be at least marginally entertaining, what with the Wookie and all. Even better, they actually had some new stuff to show. The Killzone 2 and (new) Metal Gear [...]


Nintendo Snoozefest (for Wii™)

¡Jesu Christo!, what a stupendously actionless press conference.
It was equal parts 3AM infomertial, obnoxious condo lifestyle ad and motivational training seminar. Suffice it to say nothing was announced for the Wii that would alleviate its current pseudo-drought.
(My favourite moment: Nintendrone asks the crowd, after showing off the Wii Fit Balance Board™ – “Now, I know [...]

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E3 Xbox Live arca/demo/splosion

If you’ve got an Xbox 360 – one Canadian Metric Fuckton of stuff just materialized on Live and XBLA for you:
Demos for:

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
Burū Doragon (it’s early)
NCAA Football 2008

Also there’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe (SEGA, you whores) on the Arcade section, as well as some direct-feed E3 video (Resident Evil [...]

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E3 Video Deluge

Whole bunch of stuff just started to appear on - it’s like Christmas! But without all the hitting.
Stranglehold gameplay (PS3, Xbox 360)
Think Max Payne with the Space Invaders cover mechanic and destructible environments. Pretty awesome actually.
Dead or Alive: Deformed trailer (PC only?)
Yes. More chibi anime children fighting games, please. Delightful!
Call of Duty [...]

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No Booth Babes @ E3

Come back pretty ladies, I never even got the chance to be ignored by you in person.

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E3 Games List, Class 3 Hypesplosion

Well, 1up has got the official games list of things that we can all drool over when E3 finally lurches towards the mysterious time we only know as now.
There’s a lot of games on that list, and not just crap games. Games that I am honestly, genuinely excited about. Games that I could maybe see [...]

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Pre-E3 Downers

N’Gai Croal over at the LevelUp blog has a good piece on the various pre-E3 announcements and pronouncements that tend to happen in the ‘Friday Afternoon’ lull prior to the big shrunken game expo.
While Sony and Microsoft seem to have some special announcements waiting to pounce, Nintendo – as the company with by far the [...]

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