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Oh Haze. We Hardly Knew Ye.

IGN delivers their patented finishing move:

(Image shamelessly scooped from Xater)
The writing is on the wall: this dog won’t hunt. It’s a shame, really. The blowback started way back last yeat when head Haze writer Rob Yescombe was widely misquoted in the entertainment press, describing Haze as aiming for a more mature audience, which of course [...]

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Haze Demo Impressions

I took Haze out for a brief drive last night. I’ve been quite curious to see how this one would turn out. Specifically, if it would differentiate itself in the vast sea of first-person shooters.
The answer: inconclusive. I know, that’s a cop-out, but the demo only gives you the Mantel Corp troopers to try out. [...]


Haze Clears; Demo on May 23

ShackNews says that Free Radical’s new shooter Haze will have a demo released to the PlayStation Network on May 23. I was gratified to see that said demo will contain both a single-player section as well as a 4-player co-op mode. That particular mode has been unique to Halo 3 thus far in the console [...]

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Twitching and Snarling

(I’m going to be trying these big compilation posts for awhile, see if it works better. If you’d rather I did the old format, by all means, hurl fruit in the comments section, kthx.)
Ah, but these minor delays do tend to pile up, don’t they. I looked upon that little calendar on the right [...]

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This Is Not Synergy

Speaking of Haze…

I wish I could tell you that the above image was doctored.
But that would be lying.
Today, Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announced that the multi-platinum selling, ground-breaking hard rock band Korn has written and recorded an original song inspired by Ubisoft’s upcoming Haze™ video game. The song will be [...]


Neil Springer, I Name Thee: Fuckwit

Seems that Neil Springer from played a Haze demo and didn’t like it very much. No big deal – no one in their right mind goes to for anything other than a traffic report. But the particular way in which he criticized the demo is, to say the least, weak:
You control proud soldier [...]


New Haze Footage

Watch it here. I recommend dl’ing it first, for optimal viewing pleasure.
They commit the cardinal sin of videogame trailers by mixing in footage with a live actor. The game-play itself looks pretty cool. I’ll forgive them quite a bit because of the 4 player on-line/off-line/LAN co-op.

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Sony’s Parade

After making myself watch the first two (mostly boring) conferences, I wasn’t really looking forward to watching the third… but the Sony Conference did turn out to be at least marginally entertaining, what with the Wookie and all. Even better, they actually had some new stuff to show. The Killzone 2 and (new) Metal Gear [...]


Haze PS3 Exclusive?

Eurogamer has an article up about the release dates for Haze and the changes made recently.
Haze for the PS3 is still slated for a Nov. 23 release. Originally the PC and Xbox360 releases were scheduled for Nov. 30, a mere week behind. Now there is no mention of either a 360 or a PC release.
In [...]

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Haze Video Developer Diary

Part 1. Shows some of the vehicle stuff, and 4-player splitscreen co-op. This is definitely one of the most promising-looking shooters I’ve seen coming out this year. Its Free Radical, how can you go wrong?
HAZE Dev Diary 1

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