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PlayStation Day UK, Yay

Some tidbits and updates have bubbled up from the just-finished PlayStation Day event put on by SCEE, across the pond in Yurop-land. Most of these are shamelessly cribbed from the rolling Eurogamer liveblog, which is always my choice for such things because their writers are an amusing combination of bored and British.

the games shown were [...]

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Resistance 2 Teaser Is Up

Click here (or image above) for the full HD QuickTime teaser. It’s very short, but worth it for that one shot. (I would have embedded it here for you, but GameTrailer’s video system is acting like a petulent 4-year-old with a toothache.)
Seems like they’ve changed Hale’s voice? I’m sure they have. (For the better. Not [...]


I’d Bid On This

… but I’m already full-up on Chimeran skulls.
If you’ve got $2500 hanging around, I can hardly think of a better way to spend it. Besides hookers and blackjack, I mean. That goes without saying.
In fact if you want my entire Maslow’s hierarchy, it goes like:

Chimeran skulls
robot slaves

… and that’s all usually before 10am.

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Resistance 2 Screens

Great big direct screen-grabs of Insomniac’s fall shooter are available in this NeoGAF thread.
It looks like the Chimerans have been beefed up a bit with some Iron Man accoutrement. Nice to see the huge scale remains unchanged. The devs describe the game is “still being in a rough state visually” but you certainly wouldn’t know [...]

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Insomniac Pulls Back The Curtain On Resistance 2, Reaffirms Status As Insanely Kickass Developers

Game Informer has the scoop. Check out the particulars on that cover:
• 60-player battles
• 8-player Co-op play throughout the entire campaign
• Did I say campaign? Sorry - 2 campaigns
There are a few screenshots scanned from the magazine in this NeoGAF thread, which of course is in full thermonuclear meltdown at the news. Other tidbits: the [...]

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Resistance Update and Map Packs

There’s an update for Resistance: Fall of Man up, head on over to your on-line multiplayer to grab it. It allows global on-line play, that’s right you’ll no longer have to content yourself with pwning NA noobs, you’ll no be able to pwn noobs who don’t even speak english.
Also up, this time on the Playstation [...]

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Random Updates

Be sure to complete all of your internet-related business before noon today. The next GTA IV trailer drops then and I’m sure the tubes will be mighty clogged with the fevered clickings of a thousand wannabe gangstas. Myself included. I won’t lie about it. Alt links: here and here. (I guess $50 mil gets you [...]

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Church of England goes mental over Resistance map

The nice little outfit that Henry VIII created (yes, I am watching The Tudors right now… aren’t you?) has decided that the inclusion of Manchester Cathedral in the PS3 game Resistance – and particularly the firefight that occurs within – is “sick”.
I’ll let the dense illogic of that seep into your brain. Take a moment.
CNN’s [...]

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2 New Maps for Resistance

I think they’re free. (Update - rumour says $7.99 US. Meh.)
PseudoOfficial blog ThreeSpeech has details on a map pack set to drop for everyone’s favourite alternative-history-WWII-with-aliens-and-I-am-also-an-alien game. Some tweaks to the multiplayer stuff as well:

Westmorland and Cambone maps
improved mute feature for muting assholes
improved snitch feature for monitoring and booting assholes
many other sophisticated anti-asshole techniques I [...]

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