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Warhawk 1.Triple

You have to hand it to Sony’s Santa Monica/Incognito team. “It” being credit for keeping a once-nearly-doomed project alive and kicking in such fine form. You have to hand that them, it doesn’t belong to you. Just hand it over. Now. Thanks.
Warhawk gets another free patch “soon”, numbered v1.3, which will add some welcome feature [...]



Let us take a moment to acknowledge that annual micro-shock of realizing the perfectly futuristic sound of the year 2008 –
and the dependable string of thought that follows; inevitably you note that there tain’t much too futuristicimal about the actual year 2008 we’re living in. Except for two things:

the stuff Apple makes

The twitching death [...]


Warhawk Expansion Looks Spectacular

I did not expect this. I knew there was an expansion coming but… wow.
Behold the OMEGA DAWN. (Yeah. That’s what it’s called. Sounds like a fucking Simpsons joke.)
Despite the presence of the word DAWN in the title, all the new levels take place at night:

From the PR spooge, the expansion contains:

Omega Factory battlefield includes [...]


Warhawk Patch Accompanied By Squad of Secret Undercover BanMonkeys Who Have A Scary Logo and Codenames and Everything

Sony has this post on their PlayStation.Blog site from Warhawk’s Director, Dylan Jobe. He outlines the problems of the last few months and gives a bit of an update on where they are at with the Warhawk server issues. I’ve noticed that it has improved considerably over the weeks, a little slower than I would [...]

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fl0w + Warhawk To Receive Downloadable Expansions

Warhawk is an obvious choice, but fl0w was a little unexpected.
According to multiple posts around the blagotubes, the latest print issue of GameInformer claim that Sony plans on releasing expansion content for both of these downloadable titles in December.
The Warhawk update supposedly includes a new vehicle, the dropship, which can pick up and relocate vehicles [...]

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Incognito Speaks on Warhawk Issues

Dylan Jobe of Incognito has posted on the PlayStation official forums (do you see what I do for you guys? I need to be deloused after going over there) with a long-overdue update on the various Warhawk network shenanigans:
First off — I want to let all of you know that, contrary to some of the [...]

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Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: August 28, 2007 (N.A.)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Incognito / Sony Santa Monica Studios
ESRB: Teen
Genre: Multiplayer Fragfest
Multiplayer: 1-4 players offline (splitscreen), 2-32 players online
Format: PSN download (800 MB, $42.99 CAD) / Blu-ray release ($69.99 CAD w/ Bluetooth headset)
Official website
Warhawk looks like nothing special on paper. It’s a Battlefield clone that you’ve probably [...]


Warhawk Online Drops At Midnight

12:01 AM EST. PSN Store.
You know where I’ll be. PSN ID: Nerfgun.

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Notable Releases: August 27 – September 2

The summer doldrums subside a bit this week for both the Wii and the PS3.
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
This is a delayed heavy hitter that many a Wii owner have been waiting a long time for. Early reviews are mostly positive; the controls seem to have been improved from previous versions with the addition [...]


This Warhawk Poster Kicks Ass

(Click here for big and bigger versions)
Sony put together this ad for the forthcoming Warhawk multiplayer title; in a tip ‘o the hat to their most rabid fans, they’ve emblazoned the names of the top 5 beta testers (by rank) and forum posters on the sides of the warhawks in the image. A nice touch [...]

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