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These guys have really, really outdone themselves on this expansion back. Un-frickin-believable.

I mean, the paintball gun alone is huge for LBP creators. It’s exactly what I needed for the level I’m working on myself.
Also, I love Sack Raiden:

All details on the MGS “level pack” and suits for LittleBigPlanet are on the Sony blog. It’ll be [...]

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This Eden/YouTube thing is sort of nifty

I finally got around to trying out the direct-to-YouTube video recording feature of PixelJunk Eden:

You just enable it through the pause menu, then push R3 to start and stop recording. That’s it. The only way you even know its running is from the Q-Games logo, which appears as a transparency on the lower-left corner of [...]


How Can I Not Mention This

Nope, nothing to do with videogames. But…

… it’s a steampunk nerfgun. LOOK AT IT. It’s beautiful. Do you hear me, Hasbro?? Fuck your weak-ass N-Strike bullshit, I want BioShock Nerf.
They don’t hear me, who am I kidding.
It’s still under $200 on the eBay auction page but I’m sure that’ll change in the last, oh, 3-7 [...]


Hot Sex on Shadow Moses

Do they have GameStops or EB’s in Canuckistan? Unfortunately, it seems that GameStop will be the only place to purchase the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 in North America.
What does $84.99 USD + tax (at least $10 of which must be pre-paid) get you?

Two making-of documentaries on a Blu-ray Disc
A soundtrack CD for [...]


I Strongly Suspect that Multiplayer GTA IV Will Be… What’s The Term? Oh Yes. Total Fucking Mayhem

You cannot tell me that you can look at these new screenshots from the multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto IV and not be filled with homicidal glee and furious fapping. Because that would make you either a liar, or a vegetable, and the last time I checked my webstats neither liars nor vegetables were [...]


I, for one, welcome our iPhone Gaming Overlords

… and I’d like to remind them that as a trusted blogging personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground development caves.
Have you seen this shit? It’s crazytown in iPhoneville. Apple has released the kraken. Named SDK.
I’ve been a little slow responding to this announcement since I wanted to [...]


Solid Snake, Ace Photographer

Ok, I’m blatantly stealing this link from Kotaku because it is so entertaining. I didn’t quite know what to make of it at first, but the payoffs are great.
In a nutshell – some highly skilled Metal Gear Solid 3 player embarks on a ridiculous series of orchestrated photo-ops using the in-game camera. It’s amazing what [...]

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Oof. New MGS4 Screens.

Kojima Productions reminds us once again why his fans are loyal to the grave. For those woebegotten souls who would oppose them, death shall be their only reward. Latest screens here.
I dunno what’s with the monkey, though.

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Dave Jaffe Is The God Of Retort

You may have seen this nice little pick-me-up at the outset of Wired’s interview with David Jaffe (of God of War and Twisted Metal fame):
Apparently when Miyamoto first went to Retro Studios, they were making a car combat game, he said, “Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?” [...]

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Insomniac Pulls Back The Curtain On Resistance 2, Reaffirms Status As Insanely Kickass Developers

Game Informer has the scoop. Check out the particulars on that cover:
• 60-player battles
• 8-player Co-op play throughout the entire campaign
• Did I say campaign? Sorry - 2 campaigns
There are a few screenshots scanned from the magazine in this NeoGAF thread, which of course is in full thermonuclear meltdown at the news. Other tidbits: the [...]

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