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Wipeout Fury DLC is massive

…for a Wipeout dork like myself, at any rate. This update actually contains more content than the original game did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a downloadable content pack contain 110% of original size, that’s just unheard-of.
Obligatory techno:


8 new tracks (presumably reversible)
13 new ships
the old favourite Eliminator mode returns

There are also two new modes [...]


I regret nothing at 1000 KPH

Some of you might be wondering, why the hell hasn’t Nerf posted lately?
And if you really know me, then you already know the answer.

I tend to prefer the Piranha. Even though she is a fickle bitch and hard to control, she goes like hell. Also, I’ve been using the motion controls since game 1 and [...]


Wipeout HD impressions

Initial impressions, as expected, can be described thusly:

The hype is true, the screens weren’t lies. It is a stupidly, almost disgustingly well-presented game. I now See The Light on this 1080p/60FPS mantra. I don’t think it’s necessary for every game (or even close) but for racing games like this… it just presents a level of [...]


Wipeout HD desktops / XMB backgrounds

I found this utterly gorgeous image over at ThreeSpeech, which I assume was of the “program guide” from the Wipeout event in San Francisco, available at huge resolution. Sadly, the proprietors of that blog felt the need to stamp their big stupid watermark right smack in the middle of the thing, so I consequently felt [...]


Wipeout draws near, I can feel it

Found some more rumours and tidbis of info via the GAF hivemind:

members of the press are getting code now (again)
zone mode is barely ‘nerfed’ as indicated previously; billboards don’t have the EQs but the track still does (go figure)
about 990 MB download size
“There’s a very distinct and long health warning [at] the beginning of the [...]

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Wipeout “update”: bunch of cockteases, that’s all they are. I found some real info.

Why?! Why do you do this to me?!
A post on the PS blog today:
Legendary WipEout Franchise coming to PSN With WipEout HD – Details here
Hey look, a shiny new Wipeout HD trailer! Splitscreen, nice. Looks great. As it has for over a year.

They open the post with:
Hello, Readers. Daimion here and I’m excited today [...]


My Wipeout Pulse Soundtrack

While getting brushed up on my hover-racing skillz in anticipation of Wipeout HD, I’ve come to realize how much I love the custom soundtrack feature in Wipeout Pulse. I only wish it wasn’t limited to a paltry 30 MP3 files (in addition to the ones that it ships with, which can be mixed and matched [...]


Here’s a Poser For Ya

Which do you think is a more entertaining use of your time?
1. Go see the Speed Racer movie…

2. Wait a couple of weeks and buy Wipeout HD, and just race your damn self?


Wipeout Pulse

The long-running Wipeout racing series has its roots deep in the history of the PlayStation. Its first incarnation was a slightly dodgy affair that held the promise of 3D antigravity racing, and despite a number of problems it went on to become a hit as the first non-Japanese PlayStation game. Wipeout 2097, or Wipeout XL [...]

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Forum Sightings

Hey Namco, how about a Bluetooth PS3 Negcon?!
The Take Out Bandit / (Today, 09:49 AM)

It’s still one of the best racing controllers ever made, and with Wipeout HD on the way; I’d like to return to the good old days of using a Negcon to play Wipeout. :(Make it happen Namco!P.S. Jogcon fanboys go screw! [...]

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