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Can You Review a Game Without Words?

Arthur Geis of Rebel FM and Eat-Sleep-Game has created a video review for Red Faction: Guerilla… without any voice or text whatsoever. Go ahead and give it a watch: No, the A-Team theme isn’t in the game. It’ just perfect for this video. In many ways, this is just a fan trailer [...]

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Splinter Cell finally captures my attention…

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Splinter Cell games. They often seem too focused on being able to do nothing but hide in the shadows while sneaking forward at a snail’s pace. The latest gameplay demonstration of Conviction (after what looks like a complete scrapping of the original project) may have strayed a [...]

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Prince of Persia Epilogue

Ubisoft has released a trailer for the upcoming Prince of Persia DLC. Officially called an “epilogue” to the story of the first game, I’m a bit conflicted about this.
In the past, I’ve decried the idea of a game’s ending being given sold as DLC. It’s an awful, awful idea… but Prince of Persia was a [...]


FEAR 2 Demo Impressions

I was a fan of the original FEAR despite my irritation with the acronym itself and the rather bland environments and some of the most generic art design I’ve ever seen in a game. What it all came down to is that Monolith managed to string together some really great combat sequences with a good [...]


Prince of Persia is very, very pretty…

In fact, it may be the prettiest game I have ever played. This game is flat-out gorgeous. It’s lived up to every inch, every single centimeter of promise that was on display in the first screenshots that appeared on the internet.

This is so far beyond cel shading I don’t think the term can even apply. [...]


Neutering the Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox underlings have been scurrying around the internet lately, drumming up support for the forthcoming Dashboard overhaul and the new low price point for the Arcade unit. It’s all a part of their huge fall push. They’ve also now launched a massive ad campaign; MS is going to spend more money over the next [...]


Xbox 360 price drop amazes and confuses me

So the 360 just got a huge price drop. And it’s about time, too. But this is massive – $199 CAD. As many have pointed out elsewhere, the ‘tard pack of the X360 is now cheaper than a Wii (still $270 in Canada). On top of that, the Future Shop offer comes with one great [...]


Massive Crackdown. C’mon, do it. DO IT.

This is slightly old news, but I hadn’t seen it until this morning: VG247 has a rather dramatic quote from Colin Macdonald, the head of Realtime Worlds. They were responsible for the fantastic Crackdown on Xbox 360, and since then, have been pouring their sweat into a new MMO called All Points Bulletin (APB).
Last year, [...]


Fable 2 Achievements Might Be The Best Achievements Ever

I’ve listed a few of my favourite achievements for Fable 2 below. For bonus mirth, as you read these, I want you to forget anything you might know about the Fable games, and just try to imagine how this list would look to an non-game-player. Or your mom.
The Archaeologist -5g
Dig up something your dog has [...]


MS Gamer’s Day UK, Hey

Following on Sony’s footsteps, Microsoft has unveiled some of it’s lineup for the rest of 2008 at an event 5 timezones removed from here. The big titles they talked about were:

Fable 2. I have somehow managed to not play Fable, something I’m not particularly proud of, because despite his bombasity I like Molyneux, and his [...]

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