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Neutering the Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox underlings have been scurrying around the internet lately, drumming up support for the forthcoming Dashboard overhaul and the new low price point for the Arcade unit. It’s all a part of their huge fall push. They’ve also now launched a massive ad campaign; MS is going to spend more money over the next [...]


Bionic Commando: Rearmed Demo Impressions

Sweet but very short. Maybe the shortest demo since Heavenly Sword. You get literally half a level, 2 challenge stages (which I haven’t tried yet), and a tutorial. It’s just an appetizer, at best. Capcom could have given us a little more to fiddle with, without screwing with their sales figures, I reckon.
I guess it [...]


Download Haikus

Echochrome is cool.
English demo is out now.
Brain explodes, leaks out.
Call of Duty 4.
Map packs way late on Triple.
Not much more to say.
Ok, Army of Two.
Slam a Dew and run foot-race.
Montréal made this?
Burnout Paradise.
Massive fucking patch kills bugs.
Next up, bikes at night.
Iron Man is shit.
The movie looks sort of neat.
But the game is shit.
Sigh. Lost Odyssey.
Make [...]

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Universe At War Demo on Live

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now. There’s a strange bumper crop of RTS games on the 360 this year, but this one stood out for it’s unique setup and radically asymmetrical balancing. Also, Petroglyph did those Empire at War Star Wars RTS games, which I understood to be not-sucky.
I heartily [...]


Ikaruga Sidescreen

When I heard that Treasure’s famously rare, punishingly difficult shmup Ikaruga was dropping on Live, of course I had to try it out. The original cabinet is a “tallscreen” aspect ratio, not exactly appropriate for modern televisions. The normal mode of the game is to just pillarbox it graphically, so there is just background texture [...]

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Talk About Phoning It In

OH HAI, I am everything Nerfgun despises in alien design.
Almost as bad as this guy.
By the way your Mass Effect DLC is available on Live.


Microsoft @ GDC 08

GDC is in full swing now, with Microsoft having given their keynote presentation yesterday afternoon. There’s some interesting stuff in there, although nothing too earth-shattering, and a few notable omissions were apparent as well. Here’s the Cliff Notes version:
After going over the general positive spin on Live and announcing that gamers had amassed 1 billion [...]

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“Intended” Rock Band DLC List Discovered

By way of Kotaku we find that the industrious gnomes at ScoreHero have delved deep, too deeply into the guts of a DLC pack and unearthed what appears to be The Master List of Songs. Some of these are already out there, but the rest are placeholder slots for DLC that is yet-to-come. That’s right, [...]

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Your Free Game Offered Because Of Network Problems Is Unavailable Due To Network Problems

Are you trying to download the newly-free Undertow from Xbox Live? Are you getting an error, status code 8015000a?
You are not alone.

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Twitching and Snarling

(I’m going to be trying these big compilation posts for awhile, see if it works better. If you’d rather I did the old format, by all means, hurl fruit in the comments section, kthx.)
Ah, but these minor delays do tend to pile up, don’t they. I looked upon that little calendar on the right [...]

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