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citizen game is a blog about console videogames.

There is no advertising.

We don’t receive free or advance copies of games.

We’re not owned by any company, big or small.

We don’t sell statistics.

There is, in fact, absolutely no monetary transaction of any kind for cg. There is no angle.

We do this because we love it. We were emailing this game stuff to our friends anyways – but they told us to shut the hell up already, as we are a little obsessive about our chosen hobby, and perhaps would we consider putting our obsessive crap on a blog or RSS feed, where those who are a little less desperate to escape the soulsucking parade of tears that is this waking life by absconding for hours on end into digital fantasy playgrounds where orcs and robots run free and good avatars die like dogs, could read at their leisure? Could we possibly arrange for such a thing, goddammit?

Why yes, yes we could. And have.


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